What's up with walking

What's up with walking

These days, it seems everyone is walking. The great outdoors are open and waiting as we try and maintain social distancing, spend time with loved ones and pets, and do our best to remain sane in a world gone mad. There are so many benefits to walking but sometimes we forget how really great it is. 1. Walking can lighten your mood. A daily walk benefits your body by releasing endorphins which naturally improve mood and mental happiness. 2. Walking can …
4th Dec 2020 Tuc Team
Ever hear of a 30 day challenge? You may want to do one.

Ever hear of a 30 day challenge? You may want to do one.

A 30 Day Challenge is a well-known strategy to help new habits stick. It is a great way to try new things, get variety into your daily life and yet undertake a new endeavor without putting too much pressure on yourself. It’s just long enough to shake up your routine but it is short enough to not feel overwhelming. You can do a 30 Day Challenge for just about anything. A few of my favorites are fitness or health challenges, healthy eating challenges or even better sleep challenges.To s …
20th Nov 2020 Tuc Team

Using eye masks and ear plugs at night

Bright lights and noise are obvious enemies to getting a sound night of sleep. Did you ever try using an eye mask and ear plugs to all but eliminate outside stimulus? It is a small, very tiny change that may have a big impact on your sleep quality. Make sure you purchase an eye mask that fits snugly to your face to block out all light. If it is loose fitting, light will peep in where the edges are loose. Make sure the fabric is soft and comfortable.For ear plugs, the same idea applies …
6th Nov 2020 Tuc Team
Seven rules for setting yourself up for success!

Seven rules for setting yourself up for success!

Change is hard. The bigger the change, the harder it is. This leads to our first way to help you be successful in incorporating change. Start small. Little changes are easier for your brain to accept. It is easy to adopt a positive change if it is presented in baby steps. Increase the time a little bit each day and it won’t seem an overwhelming task.Commit to doing your new change for 30 days.It’s not too hard to do, but it is long enough for you to become accustomed to doing it. …
23rd Oct 2020 Tuc Team
How to create the perfect to-do list

How to create the perfect to-do list

If you like to create a daily to-do list, you are in good company. Many people do and it can be so satisfying to check off the boxes of each task as you complete it. However, there are many others that are just frustrated at the end of the day. Faced with the uncompleted list can be very defeating and make you feel like a failure or a major procrastinator at the very least. However, with a few simple guidelines, you can begin to create to-do lists that work for you rather than against …
16th Oct 2020 Tuc Team


Riding a bike is a great way to get around. See the local sights and exercise at the same time. How convenient. Here are a few reasons to get out and bike. You actually get to know the place you live. While riding in a car may be faster, how much of your neighborhood do you actually see? When you bike, there is much more of an opportunity to explore. You might find a park you didn’t know existed or find a new ice cream store or local coffee shop that was tucked in a corner. Explo …
9th Oct 2020 Tuc Team

How to let past failures go

Failing is a part of life. We all make mistakes and beating yourself up over them is pointless, however we do it anyway. It harms your productivity; you shy away from future challenges and it becomes all consuming. The more you obsess over past mistakes the less likely you are to forgive yourself, hereby eroding your motivation for change to work. It is unhealthy and can have a negative effect on your health. Self-analysis can help you to learn more about your inner motivation and ca …
2nd Oct 2020 Tuc Team
What you can do to create a better sleep environment

What you can do to create a better sleep environment

Sleep does not come easy for some people, but there are some tricks that you can do to make your bedroom more inviting to sound sleep. First, keep your bedroom cool. Your bedroom should be between 60 to 67 degrees. Too hot and you will toss and turn. You might try using a fan to help with this.Second, keep your bedroom free from any light. Consider using black out shades or eye shades to cover your eyes from light. Third, keep your room noise free or at least noise soothing. If your …
25th Sep 2020 Tuc Team
Eight activities to help center yourself.

Eight activities to help center yourself.

Here are some activities to do daily that will help you align with your creative self and infuse your day with :Morning Routine - Greet your day with yoga, a workout or a brisk walk. Begin each morning with an activity that promotes intentional tranquility and peaceful existence. Daily Wardrobe - Let your daily dress reflect your personality, lifestyle, and mood. Add a dose of color and don’t forget your smile and good attitude.Mindful Movement - Take a moment to feel and move your bod …
18th Sep 2020 Tuc Team

Noise Machines

We all have trouble sleeping from time to time in noisy environments. Using a noise machine may be an easy way to reduce any outside disruptions and drift off to sleep pleasantly.There are white, pink and brown noise machines that offer a variation on the same idea.- Pink Noise machines usually involve nature sounds and can include rainfall, soft ocean waves or bird calls in the distance. These are sounds that many find relaxing and they can mask the street noise, car and airplane noises …
11th Sep 2020 Tuc Team

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