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Product Details

The Tuc Warm is made with soft minky on one side and even softer plush fleece on the other. When sleeping or laying with your Tuc Warm, you can choose either side to get comfortable. This blanket gives you a double dose of comfort depending on how chilly you are. Want a little warmth? Go with the minky. Even warmer? Go with the plush fleece. But don’t worry, the Tuc Warm still has our patent pending core sheet technology to help you stay comfortable without overheating.

Dimensions: 82” x 48”

Weights Offered: 10 LBS, 15 LBS

Fabric Content: Top Cover - Minky (100 % Polyester) │ Bottom Cover - Plush Fleece (100% Polyester)

Care Instructions

Care Instructions: Machine washable and dryer safe. Consult your home washing machine and dryer manual for the drum weight limit. We do NOT recommend exceeding the drum weight limit of your specific machine. If you have a heavier blanket than is recommended for your machines at home, we recommend you bring your Tuc Blanket to a laundromat and use their heavy-duty washer and dryer.

How to choose your blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to be 10 to 12% of your body-weight. The Tuc Warm is currently available in 10 and 15 lbs. We will have a larger selection of weights available in the future.

Safety Warnings

To prevent suffocation or other injury...

  • The user should be at least 50 pounds and over 5 years of age.
  • Be sure to consult with your physician before using if pregnant, disabled or experiencing respiratory difficulty.
  • User should be able to remove the blanket on their own.
  • Do not put the blanket in a crib or near an infant.
  • Never place the blanket over the user’s head.
  • Never use the blanket to restrict or restrain movement.
  • If the inner lining is exposed, discontinue use.

If you have any unanswered questions, check out our FAQ page for guidance.

Tuc Blanket is not responsible for any damages to your washer or dryer. See our Terms of Use for more details.