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Love it!

5/5 Stars

Written by Nichole on Mar 29th, 2021

✔ Verified purchase of the Tuc Warm

"We bought this blanket for our kiddo. He is about 80lbs so we were worried it would be too heavy but it has worked out so well and he has room to grow a bit before its too light. Our kiddo has a lot of labels and most of them make sleep very difficult. He loves this blanket. It works just as advertised. My kiddo is very particular about the way things feel. We were looking for a weighted blanket that is built to keep weight evenly distributed and is soft. This hits both marks 100%. I want to purchase a second one for myself."

Better than Bearaby

5/5 Stars

Written by Stephanie S. on May 20th, 2021

✔ Verified Purchase of the Tuc Warm

"I have the Bearaby Napper and a Tuc Warm, and the Tuc is way better (and way cheaper). Despite not having huge holes in it like Bearaby, the Tuc does a much better job breathing and the thermal mass of their weighted core acts as a heat dampener keeping you the same temp all night. The Tuc is way easier to wash too, just run it like any other blanket (commercial washer is advisable for any true weighted blanket so find a good laundromat). The Bearaby takes 3 HOURS to dry on low, and shrank considerably despite the low heat, making it even smaller than its already insufficient size. My fiance is only 5'6" and it barely covers him, shoulders to toes. Bearaby discourages hanging it to dry so it's just an electricity pig with an environmental load that is unconscionable. The Bearaby also has considerable springyness due to its woven design and jersey fabric. This looks comforting in photos but in practice was extremely hard on my joints and back because of how that tension pulls on the body in unnatural ways. One night of use with Bearaby and I woke up with severe back, hip, knee, and ankle pain. I am a strong woman with a really sturdy frame and way more muscle mass than average too, so I'm not frail, it's just a flawed concept. However, my Tuc just feels like an extra heavy blanket, no stretching or shifting weight, it feels like how a blanket should. The only downside to the Tuc is they scent the blanket pretty strongly from the factory, but two wash cycles in a laundromat when you first get it and the scent is pretty much gone. I'm very sensitive to scents and it hasn't been a problem. Last negative for Bearaby: for all that high price you pay, it isn't even made in America, but the Tuc is. That's probably why their shipping is way faster. Skip the Napper kids, buy a Tuc."

Best Weighted Blanket Yet

5/5 Stars

Written by Amanda D. on Jan 16th, 2021

✔ Verified purchase of the Tuc Warm

"Having to rewrite my Masterful review. #1 - The Only downfall is that the weight is 15 lbs. and I need more of a Weight of 20 lbs. I know they are working on this which is why it is still a 5 star review. #2 - I have tried multiple weighted blanket's and although they worked fine, they were loud and the weight distribution was always off. I move around a lot in my sleep and this blanket moves with me. The weight is always distributed evenly. Once there is a 20 lb. blanket I will be buying another one. Lastly - This blanket is a little pricey but worth it 1000%"

love it

5/5 Stars

Written by Shelly W. on Jan 3rd, 2021

✔ Verified purchase of the Tuc Warm

"The Tuc Warm blanket is perfect! It keeps me warm while I'm sleeping and it's much easier to move around than a standard weighted blanket. I hated having to deal with the duvet cover and ties with other blankets. This being one piece is so much better. I've only had it a couple weeks and haven't tried washing and drying it yet."

Great blanket!

5/5 Stars

Written by Jackie on Jan 4th, 2021

✔ Verified purchase of the Tuc Cool

"I got this for my son for Christmas. He loves it! He says it helps him sleep. The weight is very nice. He also says it feels like the blanket is hugging him! The only thing he did not like was the cool side felt a little weird at first, like cold, clammy metal. I like that I can put this blanket in the washer and dryer and it doesn’t ruin the blanket or the machine! That is what drew me to this blanket in the first place, also that there were no beads and you did not need a duvet for it. It really is just like a heavy blanket!"

Reviews from Beta Testers

Those who tested the Tuc Blanket before it was available for purchase

Written by Talley

Beta tester of the Tuc Warm

"I used it sitting on the couch with my boyfriend, and it really nicely covered both of our laps! I noticed right away that this blanket fits the bed better-it doesn’t slide off as easily which I am attributing to the distribution of weight not shifting due to beads! The texture is really nice-it is nicely soft, and not too warm or cool. It feels like a real blanket and is nice and soft. My partner finds that at night when we are watching movies/tv/hanging out, he wants to go get it and put it on his lap! He’s always refused weighted blankets, but he keeps using this one. It’s a great size and the temperature is exactly what I’ve wanted."

Written by Julie

Beta tester of the Tuc Warm

"This is a great blanket to use if you’re just reading or browsing on your laptop and want to get super cozy. I was pleasantly surprised when I used the Tuc to sleep and the gentle pressure of the weighted blanket was an incredible help with the soreness. I was able to fall asleep without tossing and turning as I usually do!"

Written by Joe

Beta tester of the Tuc Warm

"I was extremely tired, having gotten up around 5 am to play golf with my father. Then I had several meetings. Overall, it was a very long day. But for me this state doesn’t always lead to me going straight to sleep. I frequently toss and turn and have trouble slowing down my mind and getting to sleep, even when very tired. However, last night was different. When I got in bed and slid the Tuc Blanket over my body, it was one of the most comfortable feelings I’ve ever had. I had a strong, immediate sensation to the effect of: “I am going to sleep right now, and nothing is going to stop me. I’m not going to toss and turn or wriggle around or get up for any reason.” I made sure to not lay the blanket flat. I let it bunch up in various places, and made sure the end did not hang off the bed. This made the experience much more comfortable, I didn’t have any awkward “what do I do with my feet, etc.” moments. I just tucked myself in and went to sleep. It was great! I can honestly say that the blanket is working as intended. I have not felt too warm at all and don’t really experience Tuc as a “heavy” blanket because of how thin and breathable it is."

Written by Kara

Beta tester of the Tuc Warm

"I think to myself that it feels like a giant slice of swiss cheese made of lead, wrapped in velvety fleece. I get into a comfortable position and the blanket just melts into me like a soft hug over my whole body. The temperature balance is perfect. The blanket has a nice cozy warmth to it, but the breathability keeps me feeling fresh instead of smothered or sweaty like many other blankets. I conclude the blanket is constructed of actual magic. One thing that really starts to strike me with this weighted blanket vs traditional weighted blankets filled with beads is that it is infinitely easier to move positions and roll over during the night...With traditional weighted blankets, I feel like I’m swimming through quicksand in order to move...With the Tuc blanket, I get nearly the same weighted coverage, but when I need to move, it becomes increasingly apparent how much I appreciate the single sheet design. This unique design allows me to roll over easily underneath the blanket without feeling like I’m being swallowed up and smothered. I have the Tuc Warm but the temperature regulation is very good and I expect I would be happy to use this in all seasons. As much as I like the windows open for fresh air, if the outside temp is above 68 I’d rather use the AC and have the weight of a blanket."

Written by Leija

Beta tester of the Tuc Warm

"It pulled me to the earth, almost like a human cuddle. I used the blanket to fall asleep the past 2 nights. It seemed to pull me into a deep relaxed state, helping me fall asleep faster. I found that my mind quieted more easily. The blanket’s weight helped my mind let go of the day’s tensions as my body became spacious. I like how the weight pulls down, yet makes me feel light and floating."

Written by Jim

Beta tester of the Tuc Warm

"I began using the blanket as a top layer for overnight sleeping which is something I do regularly. It worked well in this application as it stayed in place well through the night."


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