Frequently Asked Questions

Product Details

What are the dimensions of a Tuc weighted Blanket?

The Tuc Blanket comes in our standard 82” x 48” single user size.

What weight or type should I choose?

Weighted blankets are designed to be 10 to 12% of your body weight. The Tuc Warm is available is 10, 15, 20 and 25 LBS while the Tuc Cool is available in 15 LBS and 20 LBS. We will have a larger selection of weights available in the future.

The Tuc Warm is made for those who prefer to sleep warmer. It is made with our Minky fabric on one side and our Plush Fleece on the other.

The Tuc Cool is made for those who prefer to sleep cooler. It is made with our Minky fabric on one side and our Cotton Twill on the other.

Why is the Tuc Blanket so cooling?

The Tuc Blanket has been designed to allow airflow through the blanket to keep you comfortable. Many traditional weighted blankets have duvet covers that are placed over the weighted blanket to hide the noise of the pellets or beads. These extra layers can stop airflow and trap heat. The Tuc Blanket is made with our patented core sheet technology in between two fabrics. This gives you the weight without the risk of overheating.

Iā€™m sensitive to smells and fabrics, can I use the Tuc Blanket?

Due to the nature of our core sheet technology, we have added a light fragrance to help offset the natural smell of the material. Although we strive to put as little fragrance as possible, this scent may be overpowering for those who are extremely sensitive. We recommend washing and drying your Tuc Blanket a couple of times to help remove the fragrance.

If you are allergic or sensitive to fabrics containing cotton, polyester and/or spandex, you should exhibit caution with the Tuc Blanket. The Tuc Blanket can be washed with hypoallergenic or sensitive detergents.

Who can and cannot use a Tuc Blanket?

Just about anyone can use a Tuc Blanket. Exceptions are as follows...

To prevent suffocation or other injury:

  • The user should be at least 50 pounds and over 5 years of age.
  • Be sure to consult with your physician before using if pregnant, disabled or experiencing respiratory difficulty.
  • User should be able to remove the blanket on their own.
  • Do not put the blanket in a crib or near an infant.
  • Never place the blanket over the user’s head.
  • Never use the blanket to restrict or restrain movement.
  • If the inner lining is exposed, discontinue use.

Care Instructions

Is Tuc Blanket safe to wash?

Yes! The Tuc Blanket can be washed in your washer and dried in your dryer at home! Please make sure to consult your washer and dryer manuals for the drum weight limit. We do not recommend exceeding the drum weight limit of your specific machines. If you have a heavier blanket than is recommended for your machines at home, we recommend you bring your Tuc Blanket to a laundromat and use their heavy-duty washer and dryer.

Tuc Blanket is not responsible for any damages to your washer or dryer.

What detergents can I use to wash my Tuc Blanket?

You can use any standard laundry detergents and fabric softeners with any Tuc Blanket. It is not necessary to use special detergents or special fabric softeners, unless you personally require it.

Core Sheet Technology

What is our Core Sheet Technology?

We have brought a brand-new technology to the world of weighted blankets. Our patented core sheet technology is a very thin, flexible weighted sheet of a special rubber. This technology is what provides the weight and is the basis for our Tuc Blanket. It provides even weight distribution across the whole blanket and is incredibly breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Does Tuc Blanket contain beads or pellets?

There are no pellets or beads inside the Tuc Blanket. The weight is provided by our patented core sheet technology. This technology allows us to remove the pellets and beads along with all the common issues that people have with traditional weighted blankets. There are no pockets of pellets to roll onto in the night, the weight will not shift around, and there is no noise!

Why are there holes in the core sheet?

We designed the inner core of Tuc Blanket for maximum airflow and breathability. You may notice the key feature of our design in what is best described as "Swiss cheese like holes" that you can feel throughout your blanket. These were specifically designed into our patented innovation. You may feel these holes through the outer fabrics. It’s part of what makes our blanket so unique and makes it possible to provide you with an ultra-thin weighted blanket like no other. If you do notice the holes in your Tuc Blanket, just know they are there for your comfort.

How can the Tuc Blanket be so quiet?

The secret is all in our core sheet technology. This technology means that there are no pellets or beads to make noise. In a traditional weighted blanket, the pellets or beads are sewn into pockets. Inside of these pockets, the pellets have room to move and shift around causing all the noise. With no pellets or beads to shift around, the Tuc Blanket is wonderfully quiet.

Product Features and Tips

What makes Tuc Blanket better than all the rest?

Tuc Blanket is a totally new kind of weighted blanket. Our goal was to improve the design of weighted blankets through progressive product development. With our patented core sheet technology, we’ve eliminated the noise and uncomfortable shifting of pellet found in traditional weighted blankets.

Tuc Blanket has no zippers, buttons, or any moving parts. Our patented core sheet technology provides even weight distribution with no pockets of pellets to roll over. Tuc Blanket is the first blanket that feels and acts just like a real blanket.

Does Tuc Blanket come with a duvet cover?

No, the Tuc Blanket is made without the need for a duvet cover or confusing ties to deal with!

Where and when can I use my Tuc Blanket?

A Tuc Blanket can provide comfort for you anytime, day or night. Hectic hours at the office? Place your Tuc Blanket on your lap as you type and answer calls. Need a relaxing evening? Curl up on your couch with Tuc and enjoy a good book or movie in your favorite chair. And of course, we recommend that you use your Tuc Blanket to cover you as you nap or sleep, for an incredible rest. Use your Tuc Blanket wherever and whenever you need that extra boost of comfort.

What if my Blanket is too cold?

With our cooling core sheet technology, our weighted blanket may be too cold for some of you to use while you sleep. If this is the case, put a layer of material between you and your Tuc Blanket. This can be your favorite flannel, cotton, or silk sheets, or even a light blanket. This will help insulate you from the cooling inner core, while still keeping all the weight of the blanket on you for total comfort.

The Tuc Blanket can retain heat in the winter?

Make your Tuc Blanket even cozier for yourself. Simply take your Tuc Blanket and pop in the dryer for 5 to 10 minutes and heat it up. Our inner core sheet retains the dryer heat and becomes a heated blanket for you. After some time, the heat will go away, and your blanket will be cooling again. So, get your Tuc Blanket warm from your dryer, relax on your couch and snuggle under it. Your chill will be gone in no time!

Website and Policies

What payment methods do you accept?

We take all major credit cards including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

We also accept online payments including:

  • Paypal
  • Paypal Credit
  • Amazon Pay
  • Google Pay

What is your return policy?

Our returns are easy. You have 30 days from the day you receive your order to return any item. Just go to your Tuc Blanket account and request a return in your completed orders. We will email you a shipping label that you can use to send your blanket back to us. If you didn’t set up an account, just give us a call or email with your order number and reason for the return then we will process it for you. For complete details, please review our return policy.

What if I choose the wrong weight?

You have 30 days from the day you receive your order to exchange any item. If you received your Tuc Blanket and after using it, you find that that your blanket is too light or too heavy, just go to your Tuc Blanket account and request a return in your completed orders. Just make sure to select the exchange option. If you didn’t set up an account, just give us a call or email with your order number and we will process it for you. If within 30 days of delivery you decided the weight is not right for you, we will pay shipping costs for one round of exchanges and send you a new blanket with the weight that you decide is right for you. It is our goal to make sure you enjoy your Tuc Blanket and get a great night's sleep. For complete details, please review our exchange policy.

Do you have a retail location where I can try a Tuc Blanket?

Not yet, but you can purchase the Tuc Blanket here.

Is the Tuc Blanket patented?

Yes, the Tuc Weighted Blanket is patented in the U.S. You can find more information about our patent here.

If your question has not been answered, feel free to contact us.