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Eight activities to help center yourself.

Eight activities to help center yourself.

Here are some activities to do daily that will help you align with your creative self and infuse your day with :

Morning Routine - Greet your day with yoga, a workout or a brisk walk. Begin each morning with an activity that promotes intentional tranquility and peaceful existence.

Daily Wardrobe - Let your daily dress reflect your personality, lifestyle, and mood. Add a dose of color and don’t forget your smile and good attitude.

Mindful Movement - Take a moment to feel and move your body with intention. Take a deep breathe, exhale, and sit up straight. Thank your body for all it does.

Eat your Veggies - Increase plant-based consumption to boost the effect of nutrients on your health, the planet, and animals.

Write Down your Thoughts - Keep a journal, highlighting your day, dreams, aspirations, moods, and feelings.

Review Your Goals - Read over your goals to help keep your commitments to everyday decisions that get your closer to becoming your best you.

Practice Gratitude  - At the end of each day note at least one thing for which you are most grateful for. It can be a person in your life, an event or even something as simple as a conversation with a dear friend.

Evening Routine - End your day with meditation and reflection.

Having a framework for your day is great but taking the time to be creative and good to yourself can be enriching and fulfilling as well. Be thankful for the little things you find uplifting and inspiring.

18th Sep 2020 Tuc Team

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