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Riding a bike is a great way to get around. See the local sights and exercise at the same time. How convenient. Here are a few reasons to get out and bike.

You actually get to know the place you live. While riding in a car may be faster, how much of your neighborhood do you actually see? When you bike, there is much more of an opportunity to explore. You might find a park you didn’t know existed or find a new ice cream store or local coffee shop that was tucked in a corner. Explore longer distances on a bike as well. You can go much farther and discover many new areas or trails, given the greater distance you can travel on a bike.

Biking is low impact. It is generally kinder on your joints, knees, and ankles. It is also good for your heart and for getting a good amount of exercise.

Biking is good for the planet. Using a bike reduces carbon-based pollutants that come from too many cars on the road. You are the power source for your bike. Give your car a rest and use some pedal power to get around.

Biking is something the whole family can take part in. Make it an adventure and enjoy quality family time together. Make it even better by packing a picnic lunch and heading to your local park. Bring a frisbee or a football and partake in some fun family friendly activities. Bike home tired and happy.

So let’s get on our bikes and ride!

9th Oct 2020 Tuc Team

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