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How to create the perfect to-do list

How to create the perfect to-do list

If you like to create a daily to-do list, you are in good company. Many people do and it can be so satisfying to check off the boxes of each task as you complete it. However, there are many others that are just frustrated at the end of the day. Faced with the uncompleted list can be very defeating and make you feel like a failure or a major procrastinator at the very least. However, with a few simple guidelines, you can begin to create to-do lists that work for you rather than against you.

  1. Don’t say yes to everything. Learn to say no to those tasks that are just not important. To-do lists grow exponentially when you think you must add task after task. Keep it under control.
  2. What are the reasons you must complete each task? Figure out why you added a specific task to your list. If not motivated, you won’t do it. Simple as that.
  3. Assign a letter grade to each task. Is it an A (must complete) B, (would like to complete) or C (just not that important).
  4. Set a total number of tasks you can add to each list. There is only so much time in each day. Keep it reasonable.
  5. Start with the biggest task on your list first. Make a dent in it early in the day and chop away at it a little all day long. Starting early and breaking it down into little chunks, makes it easier to compete.
  6. Set a reasonable time to complete each task. If you give yourself too much time, you may drag it out.
  7. If your first list is just too unwieldy, create two lists, one daily and one weekly or monthly. To your daily list, add that you will spend only a few minutes a day tackling that bigger project. By the end of the day after day, that big task will be done and complete easily and painlessly.

Now go attack that list!

16th Oct 2020 Tuc Team

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