What's up with walking

These days, it seems everyone is walking.

The great outdoors are open and waiting as we try and maintain social distancing, spend time with loved ones and pets, and do our best to remain sane in a world gone mad. There are so many benefits to walking but sometimes we forget how really great it is.

1. Walking can lighten your mood. A daily walk benefits your body by releasing endorphins which naturally improve mood and mental happiness.

2. Walking can improve your circulation. A vigorous walk is known to bring up the heart rate, lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle, all while giving you a healthy glow.

3. Walking can help with weight loss. Taking a half an hour walk burns calories which over time can lead to weight loss. It is one of the easiest ways to help shed unwanted pounds.

4. Walking helps to keep bones strong. Walking is a form of weight-bearing exercise, which strengthens your bones.

5. Walking helps strengthen muscles. In addition to toning your legs and abs, walking can also strengthen your arm muscles if you carry light weights in your hands or pump your arms as you move.

6. Walking helps to improve sleep. Walking lowers stress levels and improves blood circulation. It can also tire you out, leading to a more restful and relaxed mind and body at the end of the day.

7. Walking is good for your heart health. Walking can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which in turn may reduce your risk for heart disease.

8. Walking keeps your brain sharp. Walking, which improves blood flow to your brain, may lower the risk of vascular disease. It also may help prevent dementia, which can come on as we get older.

9. Walking may help regulate or control diabetes. Brisk walking can help stop, slow down or reverse the onset of diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels in your body.

10. It doesn’t cost a penny. Some of the best things in life are still free. Walking is definitely one of them. Just lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement.