What is intentionality?

You have a reason you get up every day. Maybe to get to work on time, maybe to make sure your loved ones are out the door on time for school. Maybe it’s to get your body moving and you have a workout to get to. For whatever reason, your intentions are powerful, and they can motivate you to do what you may not really want to do. 

They also imply stress to meet the demands of the day. Intentions are better when you feel passionate to take action. Intentions should excite you and make you look forward to making them happen. You are in complete control of what you create for your day.


Internal motivation should be front and center as this helps you to see the bigger picture of intentions. Intentions create actions and actions get you to your goal and propel you forward to all the good things you want for your life. Set the stage for a brilliant day, by manifesting your intentions to be the best you can be to yourself and those around you.