Using my weighted blanket

Using my weighted blanket

We have heard some people ask, “I find that I do not really feel the need to sleep with a weighted blanket, but do I still need one?”

Yes, you do!

I find it very comfortable to lay on my couch with it. It has become my evening hug when I watch TV in the evening. My family also uses the weighted blankets on the couch for comfort. Each of them has their own blanket, and I find them sitting and laying down comfortably while they watch their favorite tv show or weekend sporting event.

My brother prefers to sleep with his Tuc Weighted Blanket. He uses it each and every night, in fact, he doesn’t sleep well without it.

So, two different applications of the Tuc Weighted Blanket and two different comforts. On the couch and for sleeping at night. Find out – how will you use your Tuc Blanket?

11th Jun 2021 Tuc Team

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