Six practices to help foster a creative month

Six practices to help foster a creative month

A month can seem like such a long time and it sure is a waste not to create some enjoyment in these 30 consecutive days of sameness. Internal contentment comes when you create joy from within, so don’t let this time go to waste.

Here are a few things you can do to help you inner creative thrive.

1. Create big dreams for the month - Write down what you would like to accomplish during the month. Be inspirational and intentional and give yourself kudos for each one you complete.

2. Volunteer - Big dreams can lead to making you feel better and inspired. One of the ways to help make the world a better place is through volunteering. Give of your time, money, or energy to your favorite cause or charity. It will have a ripple effect on your own well-being and create a sense of accomplishment for you.

3. Entertain – Entertaining creates excitement, love, and comfort. Have a small dinner party or create a romantic dinner.

4. Read - Read two books a month with the goal to continually learn, grow and expand your horizons and awareness of the world.

5. Create, create, create - Bring something new into existence. Learn how to crochet or bake something from scratch and follow through for a tangible outcome you can share and enjoy.

6. Teach an optimistic view of life – in these difficult times, it truly becomes important to view the world as a glass half full rather than half empty. Share an opportunity to laugh, sing, or just be happy with others. It can create comfort within in ourselves and additionally in how we make others feel.

At the end of each month, see how you feel. How have you made a difference?