Make time for yoga!

Make time for yoga!

Yoga is an exercise that combines both physical and mental aspects of fitness. Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It's a total mind-body workout. Yoga combines stretching and strengthening poses with deep breathing and meditation/relaxation. Just about anyone can do yoga, whether you are young, old, physically active, or sedentary. Yoga can keep you fit in many ways.

- Doing yoga helps your muscles and joints loosen up, improving flexibility and helping with ease of movement.

- Yoga builds core strength and endurance.

- Yoga is not easy and many of the poses that you hold are considered body weight exercises, which build strength in all the muscles you use to hold the poses.

- It takes endurance as well to hold yoga positions for any length of time.

- Yoga builds core strength. In turn, keeping your core muscles and back strong will benefit your posture. You will sit and stand stronger and taller.

Doing yoga helps you manage stress and may help you sleep better by promoting relaxation of body and mind. It is a natural way to decrease tension and create calmness in your busy day.

So maybe it is time to roll out your exercise mat and give yoga a try!