How to deep clean your clothes closet

How to deep clean your clothes closet

With transitioning seasons changing hot weather to cold, comes the adjustment from lighter clothing to the heavier winter wardrobe. Right away, you may want to purchase new clothing, but before you do, give your old wardrobe the once over. This means diving in to clean out your closet. Not a fun chore, but necessary. Where should you start?

First, get some tunes cranking - Choose upbeat music that will motivate and inspire you. Dance if you feel extra peppy and then it is time to get to work.

Second, take everything (yes, everything) out of your close. - Don’t ignore the piles in the corners or the boots and hats on the top shelves. Move out everything, piling items on top of the bed and the surrounding space.

Third, go through each item one by one asking a few questions about each item:

  • Is this item in good condition. If not, toss it in the to-go pile.
  • Have you worn it in the past year? If you haven’t worn it in a year, you are likely not going to wear it. Put it in the to go pile.
  • Is this your style? Is this really something that you feel stylish in? Or is it just wrong for you. If you don’t look good in it, allow someone else to have that opportunity to “wear it well”.
  • Does it fit you and is it comfortable? Hanger space is too precious to cling to items that you might never wear again in your lifetime. Try stuff on and see how it feels. If pants are too tight, or shirts are too big, then say goodbye.

Forth, clean the closet shelves and floor - Take advantage of the empty space by giving your closet a good wipe down.

Fifth, organize the to go pile - Go through everything and organize it into three categories: toss, sell, or donate. The toss items are garbage. If you have high priced items, and can’t bear to just give them away, put them aside to sell on your favorite platform. Lastly, create a pile to drop off at your favorite second hand store that accepts donations.

Finally, put the remaining items back - once your closet is fresh and clean, it’s time to put everything back in place. Organize anyway you please and then stand back and admire your clean closet. Assess what you have left and what wardrobe items you need to purchase. Then go shopping to your heart’s content!