Finding happiness in self love

Finding happiness in self love


A best friend is someone you can confide in, rely on when life gets tough, celebrate milestones, and share holidays. In these uncertain times, many of us are struggling with connections to friends and lacking outside companionship. Being your own best friend can be a great way to work through feelings of loneliness and isolation. Becoming your own best friend can be helpful. Treating yourself the same way you would treat your best friend can help you to cultivate an inner positive self image. It is a productive shift in thinking, helping you to learn to trust that you are enough. Treat yourself with love. Express compassion to your uniqueness. Extend kindness and respect the same way you would show love to your best friend


Learn to laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. Stop being so self-critical and lighten your inner voice. You have talents and qualities that are special. Appreciate your own unique style. Develop daily interests you can enjoy doing alone - knit, read, cook, write, paint, redecorate, change your space, garden, and happily incorporate them into your life. - Do the things you enjoy and keep life happy and light whenever you can. Laughter can make many situations better.


Have quiet time and enjoy little moments of happiness. You learn a lot about yourself when you take moments of your day to check in with your feelings. Do what energizes your soul - play your favorite music- dance around your living room. Enjoy happiness like no one else is watching! Feel your joy and do what you love.


Enjoy life and perform random acts of kindness for yourself. Fix a nice dinner and set the table, buy yourself flowers just because, treat yourself to a new book or game, or enjoy an hour of your favorite TV show. All the special attention you would receive from a friend, you have the same potential to do it for yourself.


It helps to focus on positive aspects of your day rather than dwell on the negative. Avoid belittling self talk. Would you try to break down the confident of your best friend? No, of course not. You would do your best to build them up. Make sure you do the same for YOU. Make sure your inner voice is encouraging and positive. Nurture your own healthy well-rounded self image. We all have things about ourselves that we are not happy with - no one is perfect - but what are your best qualities? Take a moment and write down five things you like about your self and post them somewhere you can see every morning. The goal is to direct your day, to best foster self love and acceptance of your individuality.