Dancing - the exercise for all ages

Whether you are 80 years old or 8 years old, dancing is good for you.

Dancing is a fun and engaging activity that doesn’t’ even seem like exercise. Dancing boosts both physical and mental health.

Dancing improves cardiovascular and heart health. Dancing is cardio, so it strengthens your heart, lungs, and circulation. Dancing improves balance and strength while being gentle on your body. It also improves core strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, and spatial awareness.

Dancing increases cognitive brain function and boosts your mood! Your brain works hard memorizing dance steps and staying in sync with the rhythm of the music. These challenging features of dance sharpen your mental skills. And of course, it helps lighten your mood through socializing with friends and connecting with a partner.

Dancing is inclusive! It is acceptable and welcoming for all ages, and all physical abilities. Dance is cross cultural and truly is a universal language than everyone can understand.

So now it is your turn – play your favorite music, dance with your kids, your partner, through zoom, heck even with your pets and feel the rhythm of the beat.